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On May 13, Houston re-opened an old water cistern as a tourist attraction. And it is freaking awesome. What’s more, nobody on the staff was paid to say that, either.

The attraction in question is the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, a de-commissioned former drinking water reservoir. Originally built in 1926, the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern served the Space City for more than 80 years before an irreparable leak forced its closure in 2007.

In the interim, developer Buffalo Bayou Partnership has re-opened the space to curious tourists, and the reaction has been extremely positive. For $2, people over the age of 9 (no young kids allowed) can walk through the dark, cavernous space led by a docent.

According to visitors, the open space is fairly standard: “concrete in low light, including 221 columns that keep the space’s 25-foot-high ceilings from caving in.” Of course, the floors of Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern are often home to standing water, and the lighting bounces off the water and works among the columns to create some truly breathtaking visuals. In the future, the space is set to be used for light installations and art showings.

Would you want to check out this oddly beautiful underground attraction?